This year is not going to be like any other Mardi Gras celebration. This is the 40th anniversary of Sydney Mardi Gras and so there’s no doubt that it’s going to be bigger and better than EVER.

We’re talking more feathers and sparkles, the most extravagant floats that you can think of, and of course the one and only CHER will be down under to celebrate with us and put on an exclusive concert at the after party.

Of course the cherry on top of all of this would be if you are lucky enough to spot Cher in the streets during the parade or get close enough to her during the concert. You’d be mad if you didn’t stop to try and get a sneaky picture with her as a souvenir.

Now we bet you’re thinking that your chances of snapping a pic with such a massive icon are slim to none. But when Jackie had an exclusive catch up with Cher, she revealed that she actually doesn’t mind taking pictures with fans.

AND what’s even better, she actually gave us a massive tip on how to guarantee that you get the priceless pic if you’re lucky enough to get close to her.

“What’s your feeling on getting selfies with fans?” asked Jackie.

“I don’t mind if someone takes a picture of me with someone,” replied Cher. EEEEEK!


But to guarantee that Cher actually says yes to the pic, this is the tip that she gave us. DO NOT try and take a selfie. Be prepared to have someone take a picture of you and her front on.

“I don’t like selfies because you never look good so I much prefer if we just accost a passer by and go here take our picture,” continued Cher.

So there you have it, if the odds are in your favour tomorrow night at Sydney Mardi Gras and you actually get to see Cher up close, don’t ask for a selfie because you won’t be able to ‘turn back time’ when she says no!

Instead adhere to our advice and you might just be lucky enough to immortalise the unforgettable moment in a photo.

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