If we would call anyone a celebrity expert, we’d probably say Kyle Sandilands. After all, he’s worked in the radio biz for YEARS, been on numerous TV talent competitions and is close, personal friends with lots of A-Listers.

So if anyone is going to be good at guessing the celebrities on the highly anticipated new talent show with our very own Jackie O, The Masked Singer, it’s Kyle.

In the past few days, Channel 10 has released two teaser trailers with a clue for two of the masked celebrities – the unicorn and the lion.

And while we’ve all been taking our guesses at who we think they are (seriously, we’re obsessed with this show already) Kyle’s now got us thinking that he knows exactly who they are!

“I’ve noticed the ads are out there. That one came out with the unicorn on it, the clip is singing Crazy In Love, and they revealed a clue,” Kyle said on air this morning.

He then played the clip, which we’re sure you’ve heard over and over by now. But just in case, the unicorn sat in a bath of rose petals and said, “As a unicorn, I have been a princess but never the queen.”


Now we immediately went to one of the past Bachelorette’s thanks to the rose petal clue, but Kyle’s guess just makes SO much more sense!

“Princess Mary is under the mask,” Kyle joked at first. Okay, not that guess. We don’t seriously think that the crown princess of Denmark would be on a talent show, despite being a fellow Aussie.

“Maybe it’s Kylie Minogue!” Kyle said next. Oooohhh interesting!

After all, Kylie is known as a pop princess! And she also has a song about roses, ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow. Plus, Kylie would be a sneaky inclusion because her sister Dannii Minogue is part of the guessing panel!

“Ding ding! I win!” Kyle shouted! It’s certainly a good guess! And even Jackie thought so! Although she couldn’t give away too much seeing as she has the insider information.


Kyle then turned his attention to the second celebrity clue about the Lion.

“As a young lion, I entered a competition that would change everything,” the lion says in the teaser.

This one took a bit longer for Kyle to work out, but after a little help from Brooklyn, he thought that it could be Jessica Mauboy. After all, she went on Australian Idol as a youngster with the hopes of finding fame!

His other guess for the lion character was another former Australian Idol contestant, Casey Donovan.


We could tell that Jackie was DYING to give a comment on Kyle’s guesses but unfortunately she couldn’t. All she could say was this.

“I want to say so much,” Jackie said. “I was like, ‘I know who the lion is’. Watching it I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got this’.”

“And was it the person?” Brooklyn asked.

“I can’t say!” Jackie laughed. Dang it! Looks like we’ll have to wait and see exactly who the celebrities are!

Do you think you know who the celebrities are?

The Masked Singer kicks off Monday September 23 at 7:30pm on Channel 10.