This morning, Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with Charlie Sheen, and they covered his well publicised axing from the show he spearheaded, Two and a Half Men.

“I made $4 billion and got fired, it killed me. In the middle of my most trying moment, on a Tuesday.”

“At that time there’s a ton of shit in the media about my divorce and shit I’ve got in my basement and bla bla.”

“Now, I’m in the middle of hell, with Denise’s lawyer,’ and Charlie explained that he [Chuck Lorre] just wasn’t there for him, after years of friendship.

“Basically, he’s the most miserable douchebag in the world.”


Then, there was the firing from ‘Two and a Half Men’.

“The two big wigs from the studio came to my house, they said ‘we’re flying you right now to rehab’ and I said ‘no!.

‘I said, I have other plans, you see that blonde there behind the door?’

Oh, so was it an ultimatum? Jackie asked.


‘Ultimatums can lick my shin.’

Well, that settles it!

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