Much like a messy breakup between boyfriend and girlfriend, actor Charlie Sheen and American TV show writer Chuck Lorre have been in a long-term feud ever since Sheen was let go from the show that they both worked on, Two and a Half Men.

Back in 2011, Sheen’s apparent erratic and irresponsible behaviour saw him fired and his character Charlie Harper killed off from Lorre’s hit sitcom. And well it’s safe to say that this break up of sorts was not mutual and ever since then the pair have been far from friends.

In fact, just last year, a massive six years since he was removed from Two and a Half Men and replaced with Ashton Kutcher, Charlie made it very clear that he was still holding a grudge against Lorre, telling us here at Kyle And Jackie O that he was “talentless” and a “douchebag”.

“Hey Chuck, suck my f*cking b*lls,” began Sheen in the explosive tirade. “He’s the most miserable f*cking douchebag. The most talentless f*cking sack of sh*t of f*cking stupid this side of La Brea [a famous landmark in LA]”.

Yep it seemed like there was no love lost there and that this friendship was one beyond repair. But this morning when Charlie Sheen came on the air with Kyle and Jackie O to promote his new Australian tour, it was a completely different story!


Charlie appeared to be a changed man since his infamous break down, claiming to be past his party boy ways and over his grudges. In fact, he proved it by saying that he wanted to extend an Olive Branch to Chuck Lorre because he felt bad for the way he’d treated him.

“What about you and Chuck Lorre, are you friends again or are you still not speaking to him?” asked Jackie.

“I kind of poisoned the waters and I take responsibility for all of that,” said the new and improved Charlie. “You know I was really stupid and juvenile and uh, he’s one of the best and the brightest that this industry has ever had the pleasure of witnessing.”

He then went on to say that he would actually be willing to meet up with Chuck to discuss their differences and fix their strained relationship.

“I would love to have a cup of coffee with him or just extend the olive branch or something,” continued Charlie. “I actually drive by his house occasionally when I go pick up the kids and my first thought is always just drop a little note by the door.

“But with my luck, he’ll be coming out as I’m setting it down you know.”


Well like Kyle said, if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can sort their differences out then surely Charlie and Chuck can too!

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