James Cameron’s hit movie Avatar is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and instantly became a classic in the Sci-Fi realm.

The film starred Australia’s own Sam Worthington as the main character Jake, a paraplegic who helps with a mission to befriend the Na’vi on the planet Pandora.

But it turns out that the role could have been played by a completely different actor!

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when he revealed that he was asked to come in and read for the role.

But after taking one look at the script, Hunnam actually REJECTED the role, and it’s his one big acting regret to this day!

“Has there ever been a role you rejected and then regretted later?” Jackie asked Charlie this morning.

“The one audition that actually springs to mind now that we’re talking about it is there was a very odd audition for Avatar,” Charlie revealed.


Charlie told us that they weren’t allowed to look at the script until about an hour before the audition and he found it far too confusing so he left!

“If you were an actor of a certain standing and they were willing to see you and willing to have you in the office, you could go in an hour early and look at the scenes and just wrap your head around doing the scene in an hour,” Charlie continued to explain.

“But I went in and sat there for 45 minutes and from the couple of scenes that they had, I literally couldn’t make no heads nor tails of what the hell was happening.”

“There was a lot of, sort of a different language,” Charlie added, telling us that part of the script had them talking in the Na’vi language.

“I just got the fear and went, you know what, I’m out of here. And so I left that audition.”

Talk about a big mistake! Clearly Charlie didn’t realise how MASSIVE Avatar was going to be, otherwise he might have at least given it a crack at the audition! And now they’re actually making a sequel to the hit film too.


“Maybe I should’ve stayed for that audition,” he laughed.

But this isn’t the only role that Charlie has bailed on! He also gave up the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey!

Hear why he turned down this role in the podcast below!

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