Charlie Hunnam is basically an honorary Aussie after revealing what native animal of ours that he’s absolutely terrified of!

The Sons of Anarchy star might look all big and tough, but out of all of the terrifying, venomous and deadly creatures that inhabit Australia, Charlie is scared of magpies.

And for that, we think that we ought to make him an honorary Australian!

Unbeknownst to a lot of tourists, while the black and white bird might look harmless, they really are more like devil incarnate in bird form with all of their swooping and pecking.

In fact, they can cause some serious injuries! And this is exactly why Charlie isn’t a fan.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning he told us about this one time that he went out for some exercise while filming in Australia only to be attacked by a magpie.

“I would take a lot of bike rides and go and explore and it sounds so ridiculous,” Charlie began with a laugh. “our hotel, it was in the middle of nowhere and we had a couple of bicycles that if you were a guest there you could go and use.


“So I went out and went for a long ride one day and all of a sudden something, you know, super aggressively swooped me from out of my peripheral vision and I realised it’s a magpie.

“And I just sped up for quite a while after this thing was like flapping after me and swooping me.”

Yep, welcome to Australia Charlie!

“I would say of all of the inhospitable creatures that your country has to offer, don’t underestimate the magpies,” he added.

Turns out one of Charlie’s acting friends also had a horrific experience with a magpie just days after his own!

Hear what happened in the podcast below!


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