It’s something that has shocked doctors to their core. People everywhere are in disbelief at what this man can do. But somehow, Charlie Goldsmith manages use nothing but his mind and his hands to cure people of their illnesses, ailments and various medical conditions.

Charlie Goldsmith has been working in his rather obscure field for a long time now but he’s only really gone into the public eye with his abilities in more recent years, being subject to a TV show in the US which unsurprisingly is called ‘The Healer’.

Throughout his years, Charlie has used his abilities to help people with issues from chronic pain, to infections and even people suffering from mental health issues.

But he hasn’t always known that he had this special power. In fact, Charlie told Kyle and Jackie O that he didn’t actually discover it until he was 18.

“When did you first know that you could do something like this?” asked Kyle. “How do you just stumble across, ‘hey, I can heal someone with my hands’?”


Charlie explained that he had no idea that he even had this potential inside of him until one particular day when he had a pretty miraculous experience while at a health retreat. At first though, he thought that something must be wrong with him.

“So it was literally a stumble,” revealed Charlie. “I was at a health retreat in Queensland when I was 18 doing work experience and I sat down at breakfast one day and went to get my knife and fork and as I went to get them my hands forcefully pulled together.

“And I was sitting there and I’m like, ‘that was weird’…and I pull my hands apart and I could feel like, I don’t know, like I was holding two magnets almost…And I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘I’m sick’. I thought I was unwell.”

Charlie began to freak out, thinking that he was going insane. A woman near him noticed his distress and asked if he was okay.

“I’m like ‘No I’m not okay, I can feel this weird thing between my hands’. And I turned to the woman next to me and I was like, ‘Feel this’, and she put her hand up and she was like, ’Oh my god, what was that?’” continued Charlie.

“She could feel it, which was an immediate relief because like okay it’s not just me, whatever this weirdness is. And then a bunch of people came up to start feeling it come out of me.


“And this one woman put her hand up and I don’t know how far down the line she was, but as soon as she put her hand up, her hand felt different to the others.”

Little did Charlie know that this woman would become the first woman that he would heal. And it truly was a miraculous moment! Find out exactly how Charlie performed his first healing in the video above!

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