Channing Tatum has shared a naked snap of wife, Jenna Dewan, in bed before a busy night at yesterday’s Golden Globe.

The actress was taking a nap before the big night, and Channing clearly couldn’t resist taking a check picture while she lay between the sheets.

The black and white snap showed off ever inch of the TV star’s stunning curves, but it left a tiny bit to the imagination.

Channing captioned the shot: “Nap time = The Best Time!”

Nap time = The Best Time 😇🙌🙌

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The couple are not shy about their sex lives, with Jenna recently saying “I’ve always been a very sexual person. We have a very happy and healthy [sex life].

“Something about being a dancer connects you to your physical body. It’s primal, earthy, sexual energy by nature. You feel your body in a certain way. Channing is very much the same way. He’s very in tune with that.”


Meanwhile, Channing added: “I just lay there. I just lay down; sometimes I nap. Yeah, she’s athletic. We get down!

“We truly have all different kinds of sex. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Look, you gotta get this done. I gotta go to work.’ And that’s a real thing. To me, that’s us being completely open. … Then you have full-on, just completely totally connected otherworldly connections.”

The gorgeous couple met back in 2006 on the set of Step Up.

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