Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran has been suspended for two weeks by Channel 7 after failing to prepare for his interview with Adele, which the network reportedly paid close to $1 million for.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the presenter filmed a 20-minute interview with Adele earlier this month in London. However, the chat went pear-shaped after he failed to ask a single question about her new album, 30.

Doran was then reportedly forced to admit that he hadn’t listened to the album despite the record company supplying him with an advanced preview copy.

The Australian exclusive interview – which was reportedly conducted in early November – was planned to air as a primetime Sunday night special last weekend, but was blocked by Sony Music from ever being broadcast.

Sources claim Seven spent close to a million dollars buying the One Night Only package and associated interview.


The host returned to presenting Weekend Sunrise on Saturday after having missed the previous two weekends. It is understood that Doran was reprimanded by network bosses and suspended from appearing on-air for two weeks.

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