This morning, we had Mark on the show.

Mark is a gay man in a relationship with Ben – and the two of them are openly against gay marriage.

We got them on the show this morning in a bid to better understand why he would be voting ‘no’ in the postal vote.

‘Our view is that if gay marriage is made legal, where would it stop?’ He continued,

’People say that gay people are being discriminated against, and my view then is, okay, if we say that gay people are discriminated against, do we say that cultures that want polygamy marriages are discriminated against, and countries who want underage marriages… do we also make exceptions for those?’

After the chat with Mark, Kyle and Jackie O took callers, one of which was a teacher from a Catholic school. Things got pretty heated pretty quickly.


‘A lot of Catholic schools are actually changing their view and the way they educate kids in school… did you know that? Kyle asked.

‘Kyle you’ve got that so wrong, we’re not changing our views.’

‘You might not be, but some are!’


‘Kyle, we believe that it’s a sacrament between a man and a woman, and if we are having to teach children that they have a choice, then they’re going to be so confused,‘ the teacher said.

She continued, ‘If God’s made you as a gay man, go and be a gay man, there’s no problem with that, or a gay woman. But don’t specifically teach children that are growing into this world and they are naive, to say to them, ‘okay, you have a choice, go and marry another man’, we are only going to confuse them.’

Kyle had some very, VERY strong views to follow that.

‘You know what? You know what? This is why kids kill themselves, not because they’re confused, because they’re made to feel like they’re not RIGHT.’

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