Well it’s all over for the mean girls on The Bachelor after all three left the mansion last night. But of course they didn’t leave without a bang!

Cat was personally asked to leave by Nick before the rose ceremony after he accused her of stirring the pot and ruining his chances at finding love. Romy was offered the last rose during the ceremony but decided not to accept it. And well, lucky last Alisha didn’t receive a rose but her parting words to Nick, “have a good one”, made us chuckle just a bit.

As expected, after what appeared to be some brutally honest antics throughout their time on the show, the three girls weren’t really welcomed back into the real world with open arms from a bunch of fans.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, the girls said that the keyboard warriors had really been after them. So much so that they’ve actually received death threats!

“Is that the vibe you’re getting on your social media? Are people being brutal?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah well, I mean, would you call death threats brutal?” replied Cat. “I mean it’s new for me so it’s been pretty full on.”

Romy was quick to chime in though saying that while people hate them online they’ve been too afraid to actually say it to their face.


“But everyone in person just loves it, they’re like ‘God it’s going to be boring without you three’,” she said.

“Keyboard warriors,” added Cat.

But while all three of the girls are coping with the hate that they’re receiving, they told us that they were incredibly shocked to find out that they had been made the villains on this season. In fact, they said that during filming they would never have guessed that they would be portrayed in this way and would end up with the nickname “the mean girls”.

“How did you girls feel being dubbed the mean girls of the show?”, asked Jackie.

“It was a shock,” said Romy. “We were mates, we were really good friend with everyone. It doesn’t appear that way, but we really were.”

“So it wasn’t as bad as what we saw on the screen?” asked Jackie.


“I think the thing is, is like you’re really seeing a fraction of our personality,” added Cat. “If you knew me and you’d hung out with me you’d know that that’s just such a small proportion of me.

“And look in this situation emotions are heightened, if you put a dagger music behind something a little bit evil it’s going to sound ten times worse.”

The girls also told us that they actually were friends with a lot of people in the house despite the fact that it might have looked like they were an exclusive clique on the show.

“We do not condone bullying and I understand a lot of the things came across nasty and awful and we really do apologise for that,” explained Cat.

“But also there’s 169 hours of filming for one hour. There was just such a small part of us that was shown…it didn’t show me lifting girls up when they were down or giving people advice or anything nice that I had to say about anyone.”

“We had great friendships in there that weren’t shown which is the biggest shame,” added Romy.


However, Alisha added that while they made friends in the house, since the show has made them out to be the three mean girls, none of the other girls want to get too close to them.

“That being said, now that we’re the mean girls no one wants a bloody bar of us. No messages. Nup,” said Alisha.

“We were best mates in there and now it’s like nup,” added Romy.

Of course this just goes to show you can’t always take what happens on reality TV as well, reality.

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