During the finale weeks of The Bachelor Australia, The Bachelor for the season is usually at home waiting out those last few agonising days before he can finally go public with the winning lady that has stolen his heart.

The day after the finale airs on TV and the final rose is handed out the pair will typically then go around to all of the media outlets the next day, telling everyone how in love they are and how thankful they are to finally be out in the open.

Now granted our current Bachie this season, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, is definitely a different Bachelor than we’ve ever had, but we certainly didn’t expect him to do things THIS differently.

While tons of rumours are circling about who he ends up in a relationship with in the end, news broke yesterday that Nick had decided to leave the country and instead retreat to Papua New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Track.

Of course all of us thought that this was a tell tale sign that The Honey Badger definitely didn’t end up with any of the remaining girls on the show. Why else would he practically flee the country during finale week?


But Cass was very quick to come to his defence. While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O she said that the trip was actually planned long before The Bachelor and wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.

“Why has he gone and done this Kokoda Trail and we’re not going to even speak to him after the finale?”, asked Jackie. “Something happens then obviously. There’s no couple.”

“No that was actually organised by my gym as well, which he goes to and then that was organised before the whole show so he was always doing that,” explained Cass.

Hmm seems pretty suss if you ask us. We know that Channel 10 locks their leading men and women into pretty tight contracts on these shows so why on earth would the publicists let Nick schedule a holiday during finale week? Cass had an answer for that too.

“I don’t know, maybe the show didn’t realise that it was going to be finale week when he was away,” she continued.

Really? Don’t you think a major TV network would be a bit more organised than that with one of their most popular shows?


Maybe what’s really going on here is that Cass is covering for Nick because she’s part of the whole ordeal! Maybe she really is going to announce that her and Nick are still together! (Which is another one of the rumours circling at the moment)

She did also tell us that Nick’s definitely with someone now, whether or not that someone is her or one of the remaining girls from the show.

“He’s definitely with someone right now, so yeah,” said Cass, rather coyly. “I do think that yeah.”

Either way, we know it’s going to be one heck of an explosive finale. The Bachelor promos said so themselves!


So we definitely think Nick’s running from something…But at this point we don’t know exactly what it is.

The Bachelor finishes up tomorrow night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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