A desperate husband-to-be is begging for help from complete strangers in a last ditch bid to help him pay for his wedding.

Kristian Hatton, 39, from Lismore in northern New South Wales, launched a GoFundMe page to raise cash for his traditional Thai wedding to his partner of four years, Roongaroon Bootprom, 39.

Kristian wants to make their relationship official after they were forced to cancel their nuptials last year for unknown reasons.

Mr Hatton revealed on the fundraising page:

‘Cancelling a wedding is a terrible thing in Thailand, as the date is fixed by culture. Because we cancelled, my partner lost a lot of “face”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia Mr Hatton revealed:


‘We actually will have the money for the wedding no matter what but its very touch and go and I am very nervous as we had to cancel once,’  

‘Every bit does help significantly when you’re on bread line.’

With three months until the couple are hitched, Mr Hatton has saved less than half of the $6,000 he needs.

‘That means I would have to save at least $300 a week. That would mean I have to live off $180 per week,’ he told the Northern Star.

‘That’s kind of impossible with rent, food and bills. I will have to eat one meal a day in order to make things happen, basically.’

‘I’ve been doing everything I can from taking on extra jobs to participating in big poker matches to make it happen, but been digging myself a bit worse.’


‘We knew it would be tight and difficult, but a few things got in the way with general living that have jeopardised things a bit. I am getting only $525 a week from two jobs’

‘We’re massively behind and need to get ahead. We can’t cancel the wedding a second time. It’s all or nothing. We’re in this to win this.’

‘The 21st century can be very difficult for couples trying to make a go in life. I earn little over $500 a week from two jobs and have to speculate with events and other ways of kickstarting an event.’


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