One of the big rumours circling at the moment is that Casey Donovan is going to be donning the all important duty of handing out roses to a bunch of men as the next Bachelorette.

We’re not exactly sure where this rumour surfaced from but we certainly know that Casey wasn’t really doing much to deny it. In fact, she was having some fun adding fuel to the fire when asked about it on national television recently!

When hosts on Channel Ten’s The Project and asked about the rumours and if she would ever actually do it, Casey replied “Look, it’d be a bit of fun. I’m still, very, very single.”

It was all left a bit up in the air without her really confirming or denying the rumours, and so when Casey came on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about her her new show ‘Street Smart’, the guys decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

“Clear up some rumours for me,” started Kyle. “Word is around the entertainment circles you’re going to be the new Bachelorette.”

Casey replied by saying that she had not been offered the main role in the reality dating show, YET, but it wasn’t from lack of trying!

“No,” she said with a disappointed look on her face. “I keep putting it out there but I still haven’t received a call…It’s a no. I just like to talk about it.”


Jackie offered Casey a little bit of comfort saying that maybe the network hadn’t reached out to her about the position seeing as they’ve still got to get through The Honey Badger and Ali Oetgen’s respective seasons.

“They probably aren’t even thinking about it yet because they’re currently focused on the ones this year, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility that you might get it,” she said.

We reckon Casey would definitely be keen if this was the case and boy we’d love to see her on the show, but she did say that it would all depend where her love life is at in the future.

“Well maybe I’ll have a boyfriend by then and I won’t need to do it!” concluded Casey. But until that day comes you’ll find Casey roaming around the online dating app Bumble! Which let’s be real is essentially an online version of the Bachelorette seeing as the chick always has to make the first contact with the guy!

See Network Ten Casey’s even practicing for The Bachelorette! They’ve definitely got to go with her for the next series!