Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore and shock jock Steve Price have locked horns on The Project over his criticism of a mother breastfeeding at an airport.

Price tweeted on Thursday: “Discreet public breastfeeding no drama but walking through Qantas domestic !!”

A regular on Network Ten’s The Project, Price appeared on the show to defend his tweet and was grilled by host Bickmore, who is a mother of two young children.

“Why do women have to do it discreetly, what is your issue with it?” Bickmore asked.

“I think walking through a crowded airport is an unusual place to breastfeed a child,” Price responded.


“If my wife and I got off a plane – and we have two daughters, she breastfed both of them – and Wendy said to me `I think I might breastfeed Lucy while we walk to the car,’ I would say `are you insane? Sit down and do it properly.'”

Price said he had no problem with public breastfeeding but he didn’t think it was appropriate for women to do it while walking through an airport.

“In fact three weeks ago in a production meeting at The Project you were breastfeeding your gorgeous little baby daughter so if I had a problem I might have said something,” he told Bickmore.

Bickmore countered: “Absolutely but you used the words discreet public breastfeeding okay, which means you clearly think it should be done privately in a room away from you.

“And just for your information, we feed where we want to, not where you want us to.”

Price said he was not suggesting women should go and sit in a dark room to breastfeed.


“There is more chairs in an airport than there is in just about any other building in the world,” he said.

“All she needed to do was sit down.

Bickmore said: “Well I look forward sitting on your lap in the meeting next Monday and doing it.”

The Project guest said the reaction to his tweet was ridiculous and he had received a message on Twitter saying he had violated the human rights of the mother and the baby.

“For God’s sake, I didn’t even speak to this woman, I didn’t name her, I have no idea who she was and she had no idea I had even seen her,” he said.

“These people are just feral and they’re stupid. I mean, since when do breastfeeding mothers, are they a no-go zone?


“I can comment on what I like, when I like and people can just go and jam it as far as I’m concerned.”

Twitter reaction to the Bickmore-Price stoush was split.

“Thank u @BickmoreCarrie for pointing out Steve Price’s stupidity. You have no right to comment on women’s bodies or choices. #the projecttv,” Emma Whatman tweeted.

“@theprojecttv please never have steve price on your show again,” Hayley Rush added.

But some Twitter users backed Price, agreeing that people were being over-sensitive.

“Can’t believe I’m agreeing with @StevePrice but the breastfeeding nazis have gone mad #TheProjectTV,” Robert Ernshaw tweeted.


“@theprojecttv Carrie far too touchy with Steve Price in the segment. I think you may have lost your touch. #Bring back Georgie,” John Eklund tweeted, referring to Gorgi Coghlan who filled in for Bickmore while she was on maternity leave after the birth of her daughter Evie last March.

On a more positive note in breastfeeding news, Target in the US has released a new policy regarding mothers.

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