Her style is flawless on The Project, but last night Carrie Bickmore admitted that’s not always the case.

The host admitted to an embarrassing fashion faux pas that we’re pretty sure a few women will be able to relate to.

After spotting Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s tag popping out of the front of her dress during a press conference, Carrie admitted she’d done the same thing once before.

“I once hosted a charity event with my dress back to front,” she explained.

“It was a lovely charity event and my neckline was so plunging and I kept thinking, ‘I didn’t think it was that revealing’.

“I kept tripping on the train that was on the back on the front. I had it on back-to-front.”


Never one to take herself too seriously, Carrie was quick to laugh off her fashion fail, joking that her stylist wasn’t there to dress her.

We feel for you Carrie. Sure we may not have stylists, but sometimes it’s really hard to work out the front from the back and which hole you’re meant to put your head/arm/leg…

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