Tiktok is a weird and wonderful place. 

Sometimes it’s just weird.

Tiktok and Carlin-Do you remember Carlin? Winner of the Bachelorette? Knight of Angie’s heart?


As I was saying, Tiktok and Carlin do not, a good combination, make.

He’s been under absolute FIRE for uploading a really grotty video on the platform.


We get that it’s a joke but damn Carlin, did you have to go so far. 

No one asked for the 150% you put into that.

The video is pretty much him doing a poo on his toilet, and realising he’s at the end of his last roll of toilet paper.

He used chocolate ice cream to make the last sheet look ‘soiled’ and URGH WHY



It looks so realistic and it’ll definitely make you gag. 


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