In case you somehow missed it, Carlin won Angie Kent’s heart on The Bachelorette after she chose to be with him in the season finale last night.

But it wasn’t an easy road for Carlin and Angie who had multiple hiccups along the way due to a number of rumours about him.

There was that bombshell during the first week when Carlin revealed he was technically still married, albeit separated from the relationship. Then there were rumours that he was on the show to further his acting career.

And finally there was that big rumour that our resident stage five clinger Jamie chose to share with Angie, that Carlin was keen to be the Bachelor in 2020.

You’ll remember during one cocktail party, Jamie claimed that Carlin had been going around the house boasting about becoming the next Bachelor, resulting in a big confrontation between Angie and Carlin.

While Jamie certainly would’ve done ANYTHING to throw the other guys in the mansion under the bus, we did wonder how he came up with this rumour and whether there was any sort of truth to it.


And so when Carlin joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning with Angie, we decided to ask him what really happened there.

“Carlin was that totally made up that story that Jamie said that you were saying you want to be the next Bachelor?” Jackie asked.

Turns out, there was actually talk about Carlin being the Bachelor, but not from him exactly.

“You know what, Jamie, I believe he came in on the back end of a conversation that me and some of the boys were having,” Carlin began.

“Jamie never actually spent time with us guys in the mansion. I never saw him… And the guys were actually saying if Angie sends you home, this was before we got ours second date. There was a long time in between.


“And they said if you don’t, you know if she sends you home, I reckon you’d make an awesome next Bachelor.

“And they said, ‘Would you say yes if you got asked?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah why not?’,” Carlin added.

“Which is totally fine to say but Jamie came in on the back end of that conversation. He must have… And I think what he’s told Angie is a completely different motive to that conversation.

“We have so many conversations in the mansion then to sensationalise this, it was so hard.”

Carlin also admitted that he thinks Jamie had a vendetta against him because Carlin was a frontrunner from the beginning, and he told Angie’s father that Jamie wasn’t right for Angie.


“I felt like I got along well with him from the get go, it’s just it’s like there was a switch and I think it was that moment that we had that conversation with Angie’s dad, you know and that we said steer clear of Jamie,” Carlin said.

“He must’ve seen me as a huge threat and really didn’t like it that I’d said it, and all the guys had said it, but he really channeled that towards me.”

Carlin also cleared up one other rumour, telling us all that he is officially divorced now after we asked if he was ever going to propose to Angie at the end.

“I was almost second guessing if I wanted to give a ring to begin with, you know because of the whole marriage thing,” Carlin revealed. “Just FYI, I am divorced. Can we put that on the table please.”

And no btw, he wasn’t going to propose. Carlin didn’t want to become known as the ‘Ross’ of the Bachelorette who is constantly getting divorced and proposing! LOL!

Hear our full chat with Angie and Carlin in the podcast below!