Howard Stern got right to the point in his recent interview with Bradley Cooper – asking when he was going to get intimate onscreen with his regular leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. 

“When are you [and Jennifer Lawrence] going to have sex?” Stern said. 

But Cooper was diplomatic in response. 

“Never, I don’t think,” Cooper said.

“I said that [she’s too young] once on the carpet just as a diffuse thing and it became a thing because the girl I was seeing was as young as she was…It just didn’t happen.

“It’s just not the way we are together.”

Cooper and Lawrence have acted alongside each other in a number of movies including American Hustle and have a new movie coming out soon called Joy. 


Cooper was also asked about Lawrence’s recent comments surrounding equal pay between women and men in Hollywood. 

And he was fully supportive of what she was saying – and has openly stated that he would be happy to negotiate earnings alongside his peers in future, within reason.

He likened it to the wage disparity in sport. 

“Here’s the great thing about the effect of what she did: It started the conversation,” he said. 

“And every place I’ve gone the last week for Burnt, that’s all people are asking about, which is great.


“I’m a huge tennis fan and that’s the one place where, at the end of it, they tell you what the money is as a reward, and they hand you the check…

“And I remember being a kid, and you’re watching this huge match between these two women, and the difference between the [male and female] check…the disparity is insane.

“And now, Serena Williams is the biggest tennis star in the world.”

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