Ever since Taylor Swift went and famously brushed boyfriend Calvin Harris to one side for hunky British heartthrob, Tom Hiddleston, we’ve been waiting for the moment Calvin would hit back.

Not in a violent way by any means, but with the ultimate revenge – a super hot girlfriend. Well, the time has come.

Calvin was spotted hanging out, arm-in-arm with Nicole Scherzinger in London recently and the two looked very cosy together.

In fact, they ended up leaving a nightclub together on the morning of July 9, Hollywood Life exclusively learned. Some believe the hook-up is to make Taylor jealous.

“Nicole and Calvin are not serious whatsoever, but they are both using their recent hangout as an opportunity.


Calvin wants to make it look like he has moved on from Taylor, which he has not, and Nicole will take any type of media moment or opportunity she can get.

She really is all about being a celebrity and will do anything to make it happen.

She wants to make more music as well and would die to work with Calvin, so we might be seeing them hanging out more, but it isn’t anything to talk about relationship-wise right now,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.


“Calvin and Nicole know each other from Los Angeles.

She was in Tape [nightclub] with her cousin, and they ended up partying together. They had a great night, and Calvin offered to give Nicole a ride back to her hotel when they finally left.

She is still very much [dating] Grigor [Dimitrov],” another source told The Sun.

Well, that’s certainly NOT what it looked like!

Source: Hollywood Life

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