Contains graphic imagery and wording.

There is a secret Australian Facebook page where men are entertaining each other with graphic descriptions of rape, revenge porn and violence against women and it’s being defended by its users.

The website called ‘’Blokes Advice’’ started in Queensland in May and had already had more than 200,000 men join.

Posts share on the site include details of gang rape, advice on how to force women into having anal sex and imitations to bombard women with porn.

There is even a picture of a seven-year-old girl with a runny nose juxtaposed with a picture of an 18-year-old with semen on her face.


The page has gained attention after writer and commentator Clementine Ford shared some of the images on her Facebook page in the hope of exposing the men involved.

Over the weekend, domestic violence support group Red Heart Campaign shared some more of explicit images, saying the group needed to be exposed.

One supporter of the group said ‘’These men are out there, and this behaviour has to stop.’’

However members of the group have defended the site saying it is ‘’just a bit of a laugh’’ and the posts were taken out of context.


An anonymous writer said ‘’While I don’t condone some things that were said, I believe these men are just blowing off some steam and having a laugh.’’

Facebook has yet to comment on the page but they investigate each complaint, so it’s surely not long until it is deleted?

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