Liberal Party minister David Elliott is leading calls for the traditional Labour Day public holiday to be replaced with a day celebrating indigenous achievements.

Just days after PM Scott Morrison suggested an ‘Indigenous Day’ to replace Australia Day, Mr Elliott believes that a new so-called ‘Corroboree Day’ to replace Labour Day may help with reconciliation.

Mr Elliott who is a leader of the Liberal Party’s centre-right faction which helped Mr Morrison take over as Prime Minister in August, said his new public holiday idea was ‘about celebrating success and achievement for indigenous Australians who in the past have had to face adversity’.

‘Instead of focusing on the negative over indigenous affairs over the last 200 years, it would be a day we’d focus on the positives,’

Mr Elliott claims his idea is ‘about trying to bring people together’ claiming Labour Day is no longer relevant.

‘I don’t think there’s anything on today at all which says to the Australian community this is a day for commemoration,’ he said.

Mr Elliott believes with only a small number of Australian workers belonging to a trade union, Labour Day is less relevant than it was for previous generations.


Labour Day is held on the first Monday of October in NSW, the ACT and South Australia.

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