We all knew that when Bruce Jenner revealed Caitlyn, it was almost imminent that she would follow down a very well trodden path of fashion, scandal – and selfies.

However, Bruce’s transformation is proving to be addictive in a different way than we’re used to – she’s inspirational. No, not the most inspirational person in the world, not more inspirational than someone who’s overcome terminal illness, or survived war – but inspirational in her own right, as well as to people who have never found this world a safe place to express who they really are.

So, when Caitlyn Jenner posted her very first selfie, many of us took it as her dalliance into a truly ‘Kardashian’ way of life, but in fact – it’s much, much more than that.

Selfies allow the taker to dictate how they want the world to see them, to tell the world that this is the image they want them to see. It’s how you want to be portrayed – and it’s a right that everyone deserves.

It may seem kind of narcissistic, but lest we forget, for her whole life as Bruce, Caitlyn was never ever able to express to the world how she wanted to be seen.


Her first selfie is important because after years of dressing up in women’s clothes in secret, she probably never thought she’d get her selfie. But she has, and it represents her right to be whoever she wants to be.

So yeah, I’m going to like this selfie, are you?

Source: Bustle

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