Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins have been closely linked for a long time now with rumours circling that the pair are actually dating.

But Caitlyn is finally putting an end to all of the rumours, telling the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning that this is far from the truth.

She told us that Sophia is her manager, and she lives with her in her Malibu home, but they have never been romantically involved.

“I have a good friend Sophia, she also lives at the house” Caitlyn was telling us this morning when Kyle interrupted.

“Is she a girlfriend? Manager? What’s going on there?” Kyle asked.


“No,” Caitlyn laughed. “She’s beautiful but she’s only 23. I’m 70, come on.

“She’s younger than my daughters.”

Along with the relationship rumours, it was rumoured a little while back that Caitlyn was actually planning to have a baby with Sophia, but she shut this down today too.

“Last year it was rumoured that you wanted to have a baby with Sophia. Is that true?” Jackie asked.


“No,”Caitlyn replied. “I have enough children.”

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