Busy Phillips may not be an overly familiar name to you unless you have watched Cougar Town.

Well, if she isn’t familiar, you may be about to hear a lot more from her, especially about the names she has chosen for her children.

Sorry, ” I didn’t choose either of their names. My husband called them,” is what busy says but either way they are pretty great.”

On calling her kids Birdie and Cricket, she said ” I did know that when we named them, I wanted to make sure that if we had a nickname that we wanted to call them, that we just name them that nickname. Because that’s what I dealt with my whole life, Busy is a nickname for Elizabeth. It was the bane of my existence growing up that I would always have to explain to people, ‘yes I know it says my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Busy.’ And people would go well that’s weird. It was a constant conversation that I had to have’

“My only requirement on the names was if we were picking something that was a nickname, which both of my daughter’s names are nicknames, we were just going to name them that thing we were going to call them.”

That is a pretty damn good reason to name them Birdie and Cricket.. they already have nicknames, so now you don’t have to worry about explaining.


Now THAT is a timesaver!

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