We’re calling it now, this is going to be our new favourite winter activity!

While we usually prefer hibernating indoors during the cooler months, curled up with a hot chocolate in front of a warm fire and reading a good book (i.e what you can find us doing later tonight…) this latest activity heading to Sydney this winter will have us grabbing out coats and running out the door!

You’ve heard of bumper cars. And you’ve heard of ice skating. But put them together and you’ve got Bumper Cars on Ice, the latest attraction heading to our city!


And it’s basically exactly as it sounds – bumpers cars plonked on an ice rink, making things more slippery and much easier to smash into other cars than ever before!

So let your mates know that this is all going down in August this year, because things are about to get competitive out on the rink!


Not only will there be tons of action out on the ice but while you’re resting between sessions you can grab a special winter cocktail at the bar and chill out to the tunes being spun by some epic Dj’s.

The Bumper Cars on Ice is heading to Alexandria on Friday August 2nd!

You can find all ticketing information here!

Catcha on the rink for some serious winter fun!

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