Think you couldn’t get any worse than the poo jogger? Think again!

A man has received the shock of his life after discovering that the builder he hired to fix a leak on his roof did a poo while he was up there.

Images of the act have gone viral after the man reportedly sent them to his friends, showing him squatting and smiling for the camera.

“I needed a leak in my loft fixing,” the 38-year-old home owner told Lincolnshire Live.

“I saw an advert in the local brochure – I did my checks, it appeared to be OK, so I asked them to do the work.”

He reportedly found the faeces after going up to have a look at the work.

“I went up on the scaffolding and noticed the faeces,” he told the publication.


“I was a bit disgusted – I had said to them I would provide toilet facilities in the house and they could use the kitchen when they started the work.”

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the builder even put some faeces down his chimney.

“They’d even shoved some down my chimney stack. It’s dreadful behaviour.”

He refuses to pay the building firm, and informed the company director of the incident.


“I asked the director of the company about it and showed him the photos and I felt he got very aggressive.”

Understandably, he has hired another company to complete the job.