This morning, Kyle and Jackie O had Brynne Edelsten, ex-wife of Geoffrey Edelsten in studio to chat.

The personality, who would like to simply go by, ‘Brynne’ was asked about her ex-husband’s new marriage to now pregnant Gabi Grecko.

“I don’t know the girl,” she said. And when asked about her split from Edelsten she said, “The divorce was so hideous!”

Then Jackie asked, ‘Do you think they’ll have a big, lavish wedding? Because your wedding to Geoffrey cost $3 million! Do you think they’ll be going all out again like that? Do you think Geoff would spend that kind of money again?”

“From what I hear, he’s bankrupt. So I hope he does, because that means my settlement will be bigger!” said Brynne.

When asked if Gabi was in it for the money, Brynne said she didn’t ‘know the girl’ and has no idea about their relationship.

Brynne that confirmed that even though Geoffrey and Gabi still seem to talk about her, she and Geoffrey haven’t spoken in over a year.


Jackie then asked about the cheating rumours, which had plagued both sides of the relationship. “I never cheated!” said Brynne. “I was overseas filming my show and then visiting my family, so I don’t know where he got that from!”

“And what’s all this about him on the Sugar Daddy website? Was that his thing? Going on there to meet girls?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask him, but it appears that way!”

Then it came back to the money!

“So you don’t think he’s as cashed up as everyone thinks? Did you get money?” said Kyle.

“We haven’t settled yet, we’re divorced legally but we haven’t reached an agreement yet. But you never know with Geoff because Geoff has so many secrets and hides so many things, so you never know what’s true or not true, so I have no idea where he stands.


“What about as a lover, how was the sex part?”

“Um, yeah… you know… hmmm… yeah, I don’t really want to get into that.”

“Too good to talk about, or?” pressed Kyle.

“Umm… no.”

“Didn’t do it for you?”



Brynne then revealed that as much as she wanted a baby, and she and Geoff had discussed doing IVF, she didn’t want to bring a baby into an unhappy marriage.

“How do you think Geoff will cope bat 72 being a dad?” asked Jackie.

“You know what, Geoff is used to having a lot of people help him do things, so I’m sure he’ll have a lot of help with it. I don’t know, he’ll just have to. He doesn’t really have a choice.”

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