Yesterday, photos emerged of Brynne Edelsten kissing a woman – and people were a little confused. Just recently she appeared in a spread in Stellar magazine with her new fiance, talking about finding her happy ever after – last month.

Yep, the magazine with the shoot came out at the end of August – and now Brynne has been shot making out with a woman. We had to find out more…

Brynne revealed Coby is a “great girl” and is actually the first relationship she’s ever had with a woman.


The guys then asked what it was about Coby that made her want to start a relationship with a woman; ‘I actually don’t know, I never thought it would be something I would ever want to do.’

Kyle then asked if it came about during a hook-up that turned into a sleepover, which it did not!

‘No she actually took me on a date before she got me in bed…

‘And how did you meet her?’ Jackie asked.

‘I met her two years ago through a friend.

‘She was my girl crush, it was more like a fantasy-type girl crush.’


‘Has she always loved girls?’ Jackie asked.

‘I think she prefers women, but she’s had boyfriends before,’ Brynne replied.

‘Would you ever throw a man in the mix?’ Kyle asked.

‘No way, I get too jealous,’ she replied.

Good luck to Brynne and Coby!

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