Bruce Jenner’s transition has largely been played out in the media, met with speculation and rumour, but it seems the former Olympian has reclaimed control in introducing ‘Her’ (how he refers to his female identity) to the world on his terms. 

Jenner has landed the cover of Vanity Fair – rumoured to be the July edition – photographed by none other than Annie Leibovitz whose reputation precedes her. 

The landmark cover will be accompanied by a pictorial and interview – the first since he officially confirmed his transition from male to female, according to People. 

The cover is expected to be timed at the same time as an eight part docu-series detailing his transition, which is scheduled for July 26. 

A story arc in the family’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has also focused on Bruce and his journey so far. 

Watch the below segment from the three part special that is currently airing. 


Bruce Jenner is yet to reveal his preferred name after the transition, nor has he requested to be referred to using female pronouns, so following the GLAAD guidelines we will continue to refer to him as Bruce until otherwise informed. 

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