Bruce Jenner has discussed the possibility of gender reassignment surgery on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce.

Sitting down with his stepdaughters, the former athlete opened up about the procedures.

“So like, you don’t have a surgery to remove [your genitals] and then that means you’re the woman?” stepdaughter Kim Kardashian asked.

“Remove…oh, the little thing down there?” replied Jenner, 65.

“That’s kind of the last thing you do. You can do an awful lot down there. As of right now, no.”

Jenner said he would “play it by ear” for future procedures, including genital reconstruction and breast augmentation.

He estimates that “Bruce” will be gone within five or six months, and his new female identity will replace him.


Jenner has admitted that he’s already had a nose job, laryngeal shave and cosmetic procedures on his upper ip and forehead.

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