We’ve been waiting a long time… But FINALLY Netflix is about to get so TOIGHT in early 2020!

The long awaited season six of our favourite cop show Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hitting the streaming service in January next year. NOICE!


So cancel all of your Summer plans because the Nine-Nine will hit our screens on January 11! Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool!

Season six of the cult fav comedy has already aired over in the US on SBS at the start of this year. The lucky Americans will also get season seven on February 6, 2020 exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand. And guess what? This will then be fast tracked from the US and will air here in Oz on February 7th!

This news comes as Brooklyn Nine-Nine has just been renewed for what is sure to be an epic eighth season! Which is pretty incredible news seeing as the show as actually cancelled a short while ago, before the fans managed to get it picked back up just two days later.


We’ve never been more excited for the new year! Now everyone shout it out together in celebration… NINE-NINE!

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