Brody Jenner may be about to front a show called “Sex With Brody” but the former The Hills star said teenage sisters Kendall and Kylie could definitely “teach me things” due to their knowledge on the subject. 

Talking to the Mirror Online, Jenner also said the girls would be more than qualified to talk about ‘taboo subjects’ due to their relationship with their older sisters (burn!).

“Do you seriously think they don’t know what’s up? They could teach me things!

“I mean, look at their older sisters [Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian]. Are you kidding me?”

Weird for an older brother to admit publicly (or in private) right? 

But that’s not all. He continued on to say that if they chose to release a sex tape in future he would be all for it. 

“I’d be supportive if that’s what they wanted to do,” he added. “I’d congratulate them – especially if they did what I did and put an entire project together from beginning to end.”


That said, during the interview Brody admitted that he has never watched Kim Kardashian’s famed sex tape (phew). 

“No, absolutely not,” he insisted. “I steered away from that!”

Going by Kendall and Kylie’s touchey feely nature with each other, we’re sure there are few subjects off limits to talk about within the family… but still… there’s got to be a line somewhere!

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