We talked all things life, love and relationships with ex-Bachie contestant Britt Hockley who co-hosts her own podcast with Bachie winner Laura Byrne (now engaged to Bachelor Matty J).

The girls decided to start a podcast together after Laura reached out to comfort Britt after her infamous stitch up on the Honey Badger’s season.

“She [Laura] just reached out, I didn’t know her….and she just slid into my DMs, she was like ‘hey, I know you don’t know me but I’ve been where you’ve been and I know how you’re feeling.”

After meeting up, the girls “went home and googled ‘how to do a podcast’” and thus, ‘Life Uncut’ was born.

When asked if she has any advice for girls currently thinking about applying for a Bachie season, Hockley had some wise words.

“I’m really big on saying yes to opportunities, I think that good things can come from them.

“I say yes to a lot of crazy s**t and it’s always ended well for me, but I think it’s always ended okay for me because I was in a place where I was happy, content and confident in myself.


“This is the advice I give to people asking if ‘I should apply’, only if A) You’ve got a thick skin, because you need a thick skin…B) you have to absolutely be happy with yourself, emotionally stable and know who you are and what you want.”

After all, you’ll never know how you’ll be portrayed to the world!

“There’s always a chance you’ll go down a path of a non-favourable edit.”

Britt and Laura are great role models for young women: both of them are intelligent, confident women and their podcast is full of similar great advice.

Give it a listen below!

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