Anyone who has ever been a bride knows what it’s like to try and find the right dress.

You want something that makes you feel utterly beautiful.

What you DON’T want is someone ripping you to shreds on television – especially if that someone is someone on your family that’s supposed to support you!

That’s what happened to one girl who featured on the show, ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, according to the Daily Mail.

The show works by bringing in a bride to a store that carries a wide selection of dresses and taking her desires and budget into account, try to find each bride her dream dress.

What makes it interesting, is that the bride walks out wearing each dress and consults with the family and friends she’s brought along to decide whether she’ll say ‘yes to the dress’ or not.

The reason 22-year-old Jordan Constable’s story has made headlines, is because of her aunty, who left the bride-to-be in tears after telling her she ‘looks like a rugby player with fat legs.’


Her aunt brutally told her it didn’t flatter her figure, telling her ‘your shoulders look like a rugby player’.

When Jordan then tried on a slinky fishtail gown she thought was ‘heading in the right direction’, her aunt once again body shamed her and told her in no uncertain terms exactly what she thought.

‘Eww, no I haven’t even got anything nice to say,’ she said of the backless dress with lace detailing.

‘My mother taught me if I haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything,’ she added.

Source: Daily Mail

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