Many people picture getting proposed to as the ultimate act of romance.

Grand gestures are welcomed, and getting lost in the moment is a must, but apparently you CAN go too far.

One man has valiantly displayed what not, under any circumstances, to do.

Footage that has surfaced shows a Nigerian man lying on the street, having just been ‘hit by a car’.

A friend rushes over to tell his devastated girlfriend that he has been killed in a car accident, and she is absolutely beside herself.

She shoves people out of the way to get to his side and breaks down in tears as she tries to shake him awake.


There is a small pool of blood on the ground coming from his head which appears to confirm the story of the car accident.

However, it was all part of the man’s elaborate plan.

Moments later, as his girlfriend is sobbing over his ‘dead body’, the man suddenly leaps to his feet, leaving her shocked.

He then takes a ring from a friend and drops down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

For a moment it looks as if she is going to say no as she steps backwards and turns away, covering her eyes with her hand to wipe away the tears. But then she turns and steps forward into his arms.

I don’t even know what to say right now…


The video has gone viral after being shared by local media, but the identity of those involved has yet to be revealed.

Source: Daily Mail