Were we ever this excited to be going back to school?

A Texan fourth grader has won over the internet with his super-pumped, beyond-enthusiastic feelings about his first day of a new school year and it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun.

Kevin Ortega told the interviewer from Fox 7 Austin that he had just changed schools, where he had “only made one friend”, but had a pretty good feeling about his fresh start because he was “hoping I can make more friends than just one.”

And when asked why he was so excited, the little cutie was definitely thinking big – maybe.

“I’m going to fourth grade and after that I’m going to fifth grade and then I’m going to college… Or high school, I don’t know. 


“Math is fun because I wanna be a creator, like inventing stuff,” he then eagerly explained. “And you need to learn a lot of math to do it… And also a lot of science!

Kevin, who was accompanied by his dad, couldn’t resist the chance to prove exactly how grown-up he was though, now that he was hitting fourth grade. 

“My mum thinks I’m a baby and I can’t walk to school sometimes and also she thinks I need protective gear when I need to ride a bike,” he lamented. “I know how to ride a bike already, even without protective gear!”

He finished up the adorable interview with a sweet message of support to his new classmates, wishing them “good luck when you enter fourth grade or fifth grade!”

Somehow we don’t think he’s going to have any trouble making more than one friend this year.

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