While everyone in Sydney has been mesmerised by the rumour a black panther roaming around the Blue Mountain’s area, especially after a number of pretty believable sightings in the past few weeks, one woman has been left laughing, claiming that the panther is actually her pet, Toby.

Local Blackheath resident Dannielle Duffy became convinced that her domestic cat was the creature people thought was the Black Panther after footage emerged from a sighting of the mysterious feline near the Coxs River in the Megalong Valley.

Steven Musier had been fishing with his partner Belinda at the Coxs River in Kanimbla when the pair spotted a big, black creature and filmed it slinking through long grass. Steven told Kyle and Jackie O that they were convinced they had found the infamous panther as it was far bigger than any normal cat.

“We were down there fishing and thought we’ll go and have a look at this new development that’s up on the hill, a big church,” explained Steven. “We went up there to have a look and my partner Belinda said ‘look at that over there, it looks like a big black cat.”

Kyle and Jackie O are big believers of the exotic creature’s existence in the Blue Mountains area and ate up every word that Steven told them. They were in awe. But now Ms Duffy has come forward and said that the so called ‘Black Panther’ caught on film was actually her 14-year-old short haired rescue cat, Toby.


“After checking the news footage, I was convinced immediately that the animal featured was our Toby,” said Ms Duffy to 9NEWS. “I know the exact location that the cat was filmed; I know my cat and how he moves, and I know that it was the neighbour’s house that can be seen in the footage.

“My first impression of this ‘panther’ was laughter. My children and I laughed and laughed because we knew straight away that it was just Toby on one of his walks.”

Ms Duffy said that she believes Mr Musier had been filming from a road on one side of the Coxs River while her pet Toby was on her private property on the other side of the river. And to prove her point she actually filmed Toby herself on a walk and posted the footage to her Facebook page (see footage above).

“[Toby] is such a tough fellow with a beautiful nature. He enjoys long walks and perusing the land side for feral rabbits,” she said.

So just as we thought we’d found definitive proof that the panther exists, the case appears to have been blown wide open again.

Of course, this isn’t the only time that the so called panther has been captured on film and a photo of the elusive creature was posted to a local Instagram account just a month ago, after it was allegedly spotted in a car’s headlights at Pulpit Rock lookout near Blackheath.


But was this just Toby out once again on one of his infamous strolls? Maybe we will never know the real answer. Are you a believer or a sceptic?

The Blue Mountains Panther Has Been Found And Captured On Video

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