If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps today and you don’t know why, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, which has to do with today’s date.

Monday, 21st January is officially the most miserable day of 2019 and is known as ‘Blue Monday’.

Don’t believe us? Well here’s proof!

There’s a combination of factors that make the third Monday of each year the bloody worst. This includes coming to the realisation that Christmas is well-and-truly over (boo!) and that we’ve spent all our money celebrating (admit it- it’s true). Oh, and don’t forget the fact that we’re all pretty much back at work.

There’s also a calculation that proves how horrid this day is, and it’s due to a number of variables, such as weather and finances.

The calculation goes something like this: [W + (D-d)] x Tq ÷ [M x Na].

‘W’ stands for weather, ‘D’ for debt, ‘d’ refers to the monthly salary, ‘T’ the time since Christmas, ‘q’ the period since we’ve broken our New Year’s resolutions, ‘M’ for motivational levels while ‘Na’ is the feeling of a need to take action. If that all sounds a tad confusing, the general idea seems to be that on this day all the bad stuff in our lives outweighs the good things.


So, if today simply isn’t going your way, don’t worry! It’s happening to us all. 

After all, it’s just another manic Monday…

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