Graham Waspe who is registered as blind, was devastated when his guide dog, Edward, was also left blind after developing cataracts. Poor Edward developed the inoperable problem last November and unfortunately had to have both eyes removed after six years of loyal service to Graham. 

Luckily, Graham’s devastation was quickly resolved after his new replacement guide dog, Opal turned out to be a real hero.

Now, Opal is able to help both Graham and Edward get around and complete their everyday tasks. 

This story truly makes our hearts melt. 

Graham told Mail online, “Opal’s been great for both of us. I don’t know what we’d do without her.” 


Graham’s wife Sandra has said that even though Edward has lost his eyesight, he still loves nothing more than to “be around children, have his tummy tickled and receive lots of attention.” 

When they first heard the news that Edward needed to have his eyes removed, sandra  said that both her and Graham “cried buckets on the night.” 

Luckily Opal arrived soon after Edward retired and the two dogs got on immediately. 

Edward is very popular in the local community and the three of them go and complete school visits to raise awareness about blindness. 


We’re very happy to hear you have beautiful Opal looking out for you, Graham and Edward.

Source: Mail Online