Last night, we saw a somewhat explosive farewell between our Bachelorette and Blake, the cocky guy from Perth.

It was the week of home visits, and Soph travelled to Perth to meet Blake’s family.

Thought things started great, when Blake failed to have Sophie’s back when the tricky questions started swinging her way, that was it.

Sophie sent Blake home at the following rose ceremony – and he didn’t go quietly.

Expressing his distaste at being brushed, Blake picked a fight with Sophie outside the ceremony, before telling her, ‘ciao’ and offing and blinding as he exited the show.

So this morning, Kyle and Jackie O took it upon themselves to find out a few interesting tidbits…

When asked if he’d be interested in picking up with Sophie where they left off if it didn’t work out with the winner, he replied.


‘Sophie is an absolute babe, still and she’s funny as.. like, she’s the funniest chicken ever, so we might hang out, you know, if anything happened.’

‘I wouldn’t, say no.’

‘So you’d make out with her, but you wouldn’t commit long term to her?’ Kyle asked.

‘We’ll see how it goes… haha,’ Blake replied.

The guys then probed as to whether he’s spoken to Sophie since filming of the show ended.


‘I read yesterday in the Daily Mail online that you and Sophie are still in contact having like a secret phone relationship, is that true?’

‘No, we chatted like here and there, but just as good friends…’


‘Wait wait wait, after the show you guys kept chatting? jackie asked, ‘I think I hit her up after the show, maybe last week, and said ‘hey, sorry for being a dick on my exit.’

She replied back, ‘she was like hey, you’re actually like really funny on the show.’

‘I’m just glad we’re good because she’s a great human.’

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