Thought you had a potty mouth? Wait till you hear some of the words that come out of Blake Lively’s daughter’s mouth.

The star joined Jimmy Fallon where she revealed 19-month-old James has started talking.

Unfortunately she’s been having trouble pronouncing a few words and the results are hilarious!

“It’s like I have Amy Schumer for a child,” she joked before adding “minus the immense talent”.

According to Lively, there’s a few words that really stump James.

“She say ‘schump’ for ‘jump’ and she mixed up ‘sh*t’ for ‘sit’ and ‘c**ks’ for ‘socks’,” she said.

Really, considering dad, Ryan Reynolds, is none other than Deadpool, we’re not really surprised!


Blake also revealed it’s not the only embarrassing habit the little tot has picked up.

With Lively pregnant with baby number two, James has picked up the somewhat embarrassing association that a belly equals baby.

“She was the one that told me before I even knew, she was walking around kissing my belly saying ‘baby’,” she said.

“But now anytime she sees anyone else with a belly she says ‘baby’ which, well, is a little embarrassing.”

Lively also shared a gorgeous home video of James with a cardboard cut-out Fallon gifted of himself.


In the footage, James is seen kissing Fallon and when asked “Where’s your Dadda” she promptly responds “Jimmy”.

“Ever since we took you– even backstage – she’s like ‘dadda’, like on the first day and ever since then it’s been like ‘dadda’,” she said.

“I mean I think I should do a paternity test, like right?”

You’ve gotta love this girl!

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