We all know that Blac Chyna joining the Kardashian/Jenner clan is a little awkward.

Given her history with Tyga, and the fact that they have a son, King Cairo, together – Chyna and Tyga looked like awkward strangers as they embraced at Khloe’s 32nd birthday bash.

Chyna walked in with the cameras for her own show with Rob following her, and bumped straight into her future sister-in-law, of which she’s had big issues with in the past, and her ex, Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga.

“Hi, we finally made it, we finally made it,” Chyna greets the couple with a hug.


Needless to say the embrace felt forced – and the looks across the room looked as though they were desperate for help and needed saving! 19-year-old Kylie says she’s “so glad” that Chyna and Rob are at the party, because she “didn’t think” they were coming.

“Here comes Kylie and Tyga,” Chyna later says to camera. “I kinda talked to them for a moment because this is going to be my future sister-in-law.”

However, unsurprisingly, Rob isn’t having a great time.

His love/hate relationship with the spotlight is confusing for many, as he seems to constantly be saying how much he hates being exposed, but started a TV show with his fiance ahead of the birth of their daughter.

“Everyone is swarming Chyna and I, and it’s all love, I get it, it’s all great, but it’s just exactly what I did not want,” he admits.

“I just feel a lot of eyes are on me, and I just wish everything could be just normal and we just focus on Khloe. I’m not about the whole, like, theatrics and stuff.”


Later on in the party, after Chyna greets Tyga, she says she can tell something’s “wrong” with Rob.

The 29-year-old reality star insists that he’s “good,” but then asks his fiance, “You feel like leaving?”

On an August episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe revealed why she decided to invite Chyna to her birthday party.

“I don’t really know Chyna … and I wanna change that,” she explained. “I want to make everything happy and that we’re all just accepting of one another.”

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