Actual menace Ciarran Stott has moved on to girls from a new reality show pool.

We’re talking Sophie Budack from Big Brother, who is GORGEOUS, but also supposedly navigating what to do with Chad while they’re forced to be separated during the pandemic.

Ciarran slide into Sophie’s Instagram live, leaving a very confusing and I guess…flirty comment?

He wrote… “Babe hurry up, I’m downstairs with coffee,” trying to pretend he was hanging with her????



If this is his game, then I’m confused how he scores as much as he does.

If a guy did this to me I’d just be like:

Also kudos to the Instagram account ‘Bachie Funny’ for their caption “After going through every female contestant from all eight seasons of The Bachelor, Ciarran now appears to be moving onto the Big Brother 2020 cast.”

Apparently both of them live in Darwin but Sophie’s had to come out to clarify there is nothing between them.

“Just to clear the air…I do currently live overseas….I have known stotty for years now. possibly five years. We both lived in a tiny town (Darwin) where everyone knows everyone. We also worked together in a bar for some time.”


Well there you have it, Ciarran just being Ciarran, which just annoying.


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