After blonde bombshell Ali and American hunk Grant professed their love for each other at the final rose ceremony on this season of Bachelor In Paradise we all thought it was happily ever after for the couple.

But in a topsy turvy turn of events, the couple actually ended up breaking up just days after Ali moved to America and now Ali is going to be Australia’s next Bachelorette!

The rumour mill was spinning stories that claimed Ali had been scared away from a relationship with Grant because he asked her for a threesome.

But now Grant has come forward to say that what ACTUALLY drove their relationship apart was the fact that Ali had cheated on him!!

Grant spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to explain exactly what happened to turn their paradise romance into a messy break up, and boy he didn’t spare any details.


Grant said that when he had been to visit Ali in her home town of Adelaide, he noticed some red flags, like the fact that she allegedly drank too much and had erratic behaviour. But it wasn’t until they were back in America that things really escalated.

“Her plan was to get a job in LA and move in with me and that was part of the reason she came,” said Grant. “What basically happened is she was there for four days before this whole thing went down and I ended up kicking her out of my house.”

Now when Grant says that “this whole thing went down”, what he is referring to is how Ali would allegedly go on to be unfaithful to him not once, but TWICE in the following four days!

“We went out a couple nights in a row and unbeknownst to me I guess this second night that we went out I had people over after the club and she followed one of my friends out and tried to kiss him,” explained Grant.

While nothing actually happened this time, according to Grant’s story, Ali had made the move to cheat on him with his friend. But Grant didn’t actually find out about this incident until after the second, and far WORSE incident took place.

Find out what Grant says happened on Ali’s third night in LA in his OWN HOME in the video above! We were in complete SHOCK!!!

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