We wonder if he’ll have to swim the croc pond?

Bindi Irwin turned 17 yesterday, and announced that she has someone special in her life – and he confirmed it on his Instagram!

Chandler Powell posted this cute snap with the caption: “Happy Birthday to this gorgeous girl! Feel very blessed to have you in my life. Counting down the days until I get to see you again!”

He also used the hashtags “#TotallyGushing #ILoveCamping #ILoveTheOutdoors #ISwamTheCrocPond.”

His tongue in cheek tag: “I swam the croc pond”, is a nod to the late Steve Irwin, who publicly said whoever dates Bindi would have to swim across a croc pond and come out alive…


Bindi set rumours alight with this post two weeks ago – and it turned out to be fact!

Bindi also posted this tribute for her birthday yesterday…

So here we are. My 17th year in this life.  I have to tell you that over the past year I’ve learned so much. So many people have touched my heart and made an impact on my world. I’m thankful for every lesson and learning experience. This next year will be filled with so much adventure, I’m excited for the journey to come. I am so happy with where I am and where I’m headed. I have the most beautiful souls in my life supporting me and helping me to follow my dreams. I love them more than I can ever express in words. To my family, friends, and the people who will forever have a place in my heart, thank you for everything. For changing my life and making me the person I am today. You mean so much to me❤️ I will continue to do my best to make a difference in this world and create positive change for the next generations.  So let’s take on this next year together! I’m excited to see what is to come xx

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Bindi isn’t the only Irwin celebrating! Her mum, Terri, has been presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Queensland (UQ), recognising her long-standing support of the institute’s science program.

As the owner-operator of Australia Zoo, Terri provided UQ students and staff with a number of “physical, intellectual and financial” resources for more than a decade.

“While it is estimated that Australia Zoo’s investment in UQ research equates to more than $3 million over the past decade, the profile that the relationship delivers is of incalculable worth,” UQ Provost and Senior Vice-President Professor Max Lu said.

She has also supported the popular annual Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture, held in honour of her late crocodile hunter husband.


Terri, also an Honorary Senior Fellow of the University of the Sunshine Coast, was presented with the honorary doctorate at the university on Friday afternoon, following a day of celebrations at Australia Zoo for Bindi’s birthday.

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