Bindi Irwin said a heartfelt goodbye to her boyfriend Chandler Powell on Thursday, leaving him a very sweet note on social media. 

Bindi dropped Chandler, who is a pro wakeboarder and currently a college student in Florida, off at the airport in Australia, as he made his return home. 

Proving, yet again, to be one of Australia’s cutest couples, Bindi shared a photo of the two cuddling and admitted to her Instagram followers that saying goodbye to her boy “never gets easier”.

You are flying back to the USA today. Dropping you off at the airport & waving goodbye, it never gets easier. Thank you for the most wonderful adventures these last few months. We even got to celebrate your 20th birthday here in Australia together, hiking through the Great Dividing Range!”

“I’ve known you since you were 16 and every day, from the very first day I met you, you’ve been my sunshine. I will see you again soon!” she continued. 


“Thank you for everything, you always make me smile, no matter how far apart we may be. Have fun while you’re away, go find lots of manatees in Florida for me! I miss you so much already. You really do mean the world to me.”

Naww, these two are truly sweet! 

Source: People

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