Bill Murray has slurred his words and fallen off a chair during an interview on a US news program.

The Groundhog Day star appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, just hours after he had taped his final appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City.

While O’Donnell promoted Murray’s appearance, the camera cut to the actor, who tried to sit on a raised chair but leaned too far back, causing it to topple over and send Murray crashing to the floor.

“I just did the Letterman show, then I went to dinner and had oysters, rose wine, red wine, duck, grass-fed hanger steak, and then rushed here to do your show just because Jim said that you wanted (me) to come on the show,” he said after a commercial break.

Click here to see Murray’s final appearance on Letterman

Murray then began slurring his speech and struggling to form sentences, saying,


“Your girls here… those brutal… I don’t know where you get these women that push people around… they pushed me in a chair and the chair was not balanced properly and I went down and hurt myself properly.”

Murray had earlier appeared on David Letterman’s show to say farewell to the US host ahead of his final episode on Wednesday.

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