It’s common knowledge that Billie Eilish had and does still have a huge obsession with Justin Bieber.

She shared a childhood photo of herself posing in front of her JB posters to commemorate the day her ‘Bad Guy’ collaboration with him came out!

Recently, Billie’s mother Maggie revealed that her and her husband were once very concerned about the extent of Billie’s obsession with Justin. 

In the Eilish’s radio show on Apple Music ‘me & dad radio’ Maggie revealed “I just want to say, we did consider taking you to therapy for how incredibly…you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber… It was so intense, it caused you so much pain!”, she said to her daughter. 

“You did?! Oh that’s so embarrassing!”, is how Billie replied. 


If any of you have had an intense teen celeb crush then you’ll remember how it felt!

It IS painful!

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