In a recent Instagram post Bill Shorten said that “politics can be brutal business” and this has been proven over and over again after the last week in Australian parliament saw an overhaul in the Liberal party camp, resulting in a new Prime Minister coming into power.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O about the Liberal Spill disaster, Labor leader Bill Shorten said that the whole thing had been an absolute joke.

“Didn’t it make parliament and politics look like an absolute joke last week,” he told the guys this morning.

In fact, the position of Prime Minister was made to look so much like a joke that Mr Shorten said it was no longer deemed an appropriate question to ask patients in the hospital to test their memory.

“Someone was telling me that ambulance officers have a question when they’re dealing with a concussion victim to see if they’ve come to and ask them, ‘name the Prime Minister of Australia’, and it used to be a given. They’ve stopped asking that,” said Mr Shorten.

And while Bill Shorten and the previous Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have never been the best of friends, Bill said that he did feel bad for the ex-leader of the Liberal party when he was kicked out of the top job.

Last Friday, the day that Scot Morrison was elected in place of Malcolm Turnbull, Bill posted a message to his Instagram account saying that he and his wife Chloe wish all of the best to Malcolm and his family.

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Chloe and I wish Malcolm, Lucy and their family well.

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He told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that despite the fact that he and Malcolm hadn’t always seen eye to eye, he thought it was wrong the way Malcolm’s party treated him and this prompted his Instagram post.

“I just said that we didn’t agree and we’d exchanged some pretty fierce words but you’re in it for the right reason, you’re about serving the nation so thank you,” said Mr Shorten.

“I’ve got a very clear view, it’s my view of the world, but you don’t kick someone when they’re down.”

Mr Shorten also revealed that he’d spoken briefly to Mr Turnbull since he was voted out of the role as Prime Minister, saying that he was still in shock after the events.


“I’ve spoken briefly to him, but obviously I wasn’t his best friend in politics,” he said. “I think he was a bit shocked by everything that had happened…I just said I thought his party hadn’t treated him well.”

After the embarrassing display in the Liberal party last week it’s no surprise that Labor and Mr Shorten are leading the numbers in the latest two party preferred newspoll.

Bill told Kyle and Jackie O that if he were to be elected as PM in the next election, Australian citizens could feel confident that nothing like this spill would ever happen.

“Labor’s had it’s fair share of poor behaviour, but we’ve learnt our lesson,” said Bill. “We’ve also put in place rules which make it very difficult to do exactly what we saw last week.”

As for when the next election will happen, Bill Shorten said that he hopes it will be soon so that the Australian public can have their say.

“I think the sooner the people get a say the better. I mean it’s crazy that you go to bed one night and the next morning you sort of wake up and 40 or 45 people have decided the Prime Minister. That should be the function of the Australian people.”


Let’s hope the waters over in Canberra aren’t so rocky this week…But really, as has been displayed recently, you never know what’s going to happen in Australian politics!

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